Equipment highlights

Keruisi's reliability and easy maintenance provide guarantee for the accuracy and productivity of your machine, bringing you a lot of value and rate of return

  • Stroke: 900x600x400mm
  • High-strength non-deformable mineral casting (artificial marble) bed
  • Full bed cooling and cutting fluid cooling system to ensure that temperature changes will not affect processing
  • The vertical inclined bed reduces the center of gravity and makes the guide rail more uniform, thereby reducing the impact of machining inertia and acceleration on accuracy
  • Asymmetric structure design, fully considering the dynamic accuracy of processing
  • Three-axis linear motor + y-axis dual linear motor drive + highly responsive full closed loop, high-speed and high-rigidity oil-steam lubricated spindle (HSK-E50-36000rpm), optional coordinate grinding function, mainly suitable for car lights and high-precision Multi-cavity mold
Specification Parameters

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Machine part standard specifications
Range of workX axis travel900mm
Y axis travel600mm
Z axis travel400mm
Spindle nose to table surface174 - 574mm
WorktableTable size (X-axis direction, Y-axis direction)1000 x 600mm
Max. table load800kg (uniform load-bearing)
Table shapeT slot Nominal 18 x interval 100mm x 5
SpindleTypeBuilt-in spindle
Spindle speed36000RPM
Spindle end (nominal spindle number)1/10 taper HSK E50
Spindle motor16KW
Maximum clamping tool diameter of spindle20mm
Feed rateFast forward speed X/Y/Z  60/60/60m/min (out of the machine, the three axis is set to 18m/min)
Cutting feed rate X/Y/Z1-30,000mm/min
Maximum acceleration X/Y/Z0.6g/0.5g/0.6g
Tool holder magazineTool holder typeHSK E50
Tool number of tool magazine32 tools
Max. tool diameter75mm (full knife)
Neighboring Knife100mm
Max. tool length256mm
Tool selection waysRandomly nearby
Max. tool weight7kg/hand
Tool change time (tool to tool)1.57s
AccuracyPositioning precision≤0.003/300 mm
Repeating positioning precision≤0.002/300 mm
Required power sourceAir pressure source6Kgf/cm²
power source3x380,25kVA
Machine sizeMachine size3620 x 2780 x 3470mm (4184 x 2780 x 3470mm with chain chip conveyor)
Machine weight11700kg