The automobile industry has become a pillar industry in my country's economic development. As a developing country, my country faces more severe challenges. A car is mainly composed of an engine, a gearbox, a steering mechanism, a chassis, and a braking system. With the continuous update of models, the requirements for short time-to-market and fast product update are shown. Therefore, the manufacture of automobiles has extremely high requirements for quality and efficiency.

The production of auto parts requires a large number of CNC machine tools to meet the needs of the market. It is the key to the success of the automobile manufacturing industry to have stable, reliable and efficient processing equipment and mature technology. The machine tools equipped with Columbium and Strontium CNC equipment meet the high requirements and high standards of the automobile manufacturing industry. Especially for highly integrated parts processing, such as engine block, etc., it can form a flexible production line, which can better reflect the high efficiency, stability and multi-function of our equipment.

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