Keruisi's reliability and ease of maintenance guarantee the accuracy and productivity of your machine, bringing you a lot of value and return.

Keruisi takes full advantage of the latest technology in every machine. Columbium Sharp Strontium patented technology is applied in high speed, high performance spindle to bring the highest metal removal rate. This makes the columbium strontium machine far superior to other machines in terms of speed and quality.

Keruisi has always adhered to the responsibility of manufacturing high-end CNC equipment belonging to China; the pursuit of the ultimate processing technology is the goal; it is committed to providing customers with high stability and high reliability CNC machine tool equipment and technical support.

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K520i-5x Five-axis high-speed machining center

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X axis travel:500mm
Y axis travel:200mm
Z axis travel:200mm
Disk size:200mm
Maximum load-bearing capacity of the table:30kg (uniform load-bearing)
Rotating speed:30000RPM

K535i-5xFive axis high speed machining center

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X axis travel:400mm
Y axis travel:680mm
Z axis travel:300mm
Disk size:Φ350mm
Maximum load-bearing capacity of the table:100kg (uniform load-bearing)
Rotating speed:36000RPM